Privacy Statement

From time to time, on this web site, Maplewood Presbyterian Chuch will publish information about our activities and events. These announcements and reports may contain photographs of church members. We may also list member's names, and contact information in conjunction with announcements of future events or reports about previous activities.

A portion of this web site is designated for 'Members Only'. Personal information about our members can be found in this special area. Data posted to the 'Members Only' section is secured by means of User-ID's and passwords. ID's are made available to members of the congregation who have a need for the information stored on this site (Such as Session members, Deacons, and heads of various church organizations).

If at any time you would prefer that your name and/or image not be posted to this web site (in either the 'public' or 'members only' areas) please let us know and we will honor your request. Simply E-mail your preferences to us at

Thank You